Friday, August 27, 2010

When the Daily Yoke is Less Than Daily

To engage in yoga we must come to a visceral understanding of the inherent impermanence of all things.  People, places, mind states.  And at the same time, all we have is this eternal moment.  Now, now, now.  If we fail to make yoga habitual, we will fail in our mission: to remain "yoked" to the eternal moment, to transcend the suffering embedded in impermanent existence. 

Yoga provides us with tools to bring awareness to our life.  When we fail to make yoga habitual, we start slipping into past worries and future plans.  Before we know it, months have passes and we barely felt a thing.  For some, months turn to years .. and well, you get the point.

When the daily work of being present becomes less than daily - we have a chance every moment to renew our commitment and remember the breath.  If we can remain aware of our blunder long enough for one long breath to revitalize, one strong inversion to awaken, or one resounding "om" to levitate - we'll reconnect with the universe and be cast back into the present moment.  But don't be fooled!  The connection won't last on it's own.  The feeling on oneness will only grow with daily work, your daily yoke is your yoga practice.  It'll pay off!  Bring yourself back one breath at a time.

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