Tuesday, October 26, 2010

YMCA Classes Canceled Tonight 10/26

Hello All,

With my daughter and sitter sick tonight it looks like I won't be teaching Kids Yoga at 4:15 PM or Adult Vinyasa 2 at 6:15 PM.  Caroline Peevy will sub for the adult yoga class. 

Check www.twitter.com/TheDailyYoke for up to date information, always.

~ Jennifer

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Support Breast Cancer Survivors and Their Struggle for Healing

From a dear friend for mine who is fighting breast cancer:


As you may know Women and Infants Hospital has provided me with amazing care of the last 2 years - their integrative care program supports cancer patients from a mental, emotional and physical stand point. The facility is one of nine hospitals in the region selected as a potential Lance Armstrong Foundation grant recipient for an Arts in Healthcare grant. The program would provide funds for an Artist-in-Residence to work with patients in the Program in Women's Oncology, offering patients the opportunity to learn how to use their own creative resources to meet the challenges of diagnosis, treatment and survivorship. However, in order to win the grant we need people in the community to vote for us. Attached is the link to the Livestrong website and voting mechanism.

Could you put this out on Facebook, Twitter, and any email listserves you may have?


Thank you for taking a moment to vote!

Yoga Teacher Training: Final Thoughts

Yoga Teacher Training with Tom Gillette, Eyes of the World, Providence, RI.

“There is no salvation for the soul, but to fall in love.” Through loving relationship we can transcend suffering and find this salvation. While to transcend suffering is the pot of gold we all seek, we build so many walls that get in the way. These walls make it impossible to relate to one another. We become stuck in our little world. And the irony of it all? The very relationship we’ve protected ourselves against is the path to salvation. It’s through loving relationship that we feel safe to bring down the walls and transcend the illusion of separateness.

This sounds like wonderful theory, and in fact it is. Yet, before discovering yoga I had no practical means of accessing it! Yoga practice has literally shifted my perspective, I feel thoroughly changed. Through yoga I learned to deeply experience the theory of unity I believed in so deeply. (As I sit and meditate on the idea of change, my eyes close almost automatically now and my breath becomes soft and even. There’s a bubbly sensation on my skin. As I follow the breath weaving through my body, each cell vibrates in tune with the air and my mind plays with the gray area between this and that. “Tat tvam asi” – a thread of gold from the Chandogya Upanishad becomes a little clearer.)

When I started to practice yoga years ago, yoga aasana began working its magic almost instantly. My mind was steady, I was calmer at work, my relationships were flourishing. But over time, without guidance – the effects of the aasana practice alone began to wane and grow stale. The calmness started to subside. My reactivity to sensation returned and I started to loose control. My habitual life was taking over, living like a reactive robot.

Teacher training placed me squarely back where I started, trying to make sense of it all. At times, the experience overwhelmed my senses and weighed heavily on my body. But with a steady path carved out by our teacher and those students before, I persevered. “Yoasgchittavrittinirodahah.” So much of yoga teacher training, like this teaching, made sense intuitively. Stop the talking mind and one will find unity! And yet, through yoga we begin to recognize the grand challenge in that simple directive.

Through diligent practice and study, yoga begins to work on our body, mind and spirit; and our experience of reality intensifies. Not that our previous experienced was false, but rather, through yoga we witness another level of reality. Our grasp on our little personality begins to soften, and we may actually consider taking a brick off the wall that separates us from “the other”. Finally, when we are ready allow ourselves to truly love, we realize “the other” is none other than the self. We learn, then, from experience that the separation between you and me is an illusion. We literally come to experience the cause of suffering as our failure to recognize this illusion and attempting to live within it. “Only from the heart, can you reach the sky”. Only from a place of courageous authenticity can we fall in love. Now, from my own experience, I can honestly claim that yoga provides a path to being a compassionate human being and the courage needed to transcend the illusion.

Salvation, by Rumi

There is no salvation for the soul
But to fall in Love.
It has to creep and crawl
Among the Lovers first.

Only Lovers can escape
From these two worlds.
This was written in creation.

Only from the Heart
Can you reach the sky.
The rose of Glory
Can only be raised in the Heart.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Biblical Yoga: Why not?

Albert Mohler's original article on the "The Subtle Body" got picked up by Yahoo News and boy, he wasn't so pleased with the response. "Yahoo, Yoga and Yours Truly" was his response to the hundreds of emails he received, and apparently most yogis and yoginis didn't agree with him.

Mr. Mohler has requested a biblical argument upholding the use of yoga in the Christian church. He bemoans the email responses as (and I paraphrase here) mostly women, so-called Christians, who have ultimately replaced the Christian biblical religion for yoga. And he may be correct, some Christians have chosen to practice yoga as a means for spiritual growth in lieu of their religious obligations. An issue all Christian churches (including the Catholic church) have been battling for years, what some call "cafeteria Christians", people choosing parts of the religion they wish to believe or follow. A clue to this is church attendance dropping over the years - except for high holidays like Easter and Christmas of course.

So is Yoga replacing the biblical religion? Perhaps for some it may. But I personally know a contingent of Christians that are active in their church (weekly even!) and their local yoga studio. So, given that this population does exist, can Yoga and Christianity work together? According to Mr. Mohler, no. According to The Daily Yoke, yes.

Here's why:

Community Yoga by Donation

Come experience a rotation of Eyes of the World teachers in Providence, RI every Wednesday at 3:30 PM.  You choose the monetary donation amount.  Come support community yoga at the price that fits your economic situation.

And please spread the word!  If 3:30 PM isn't the ideal time for you, what would be a good time for Yoga by Donation?  Email Eyes of the World with the subject "Yoga by Donation" at Eyesyoga@gmail.com.  Or tweet "@TheDailyYoke YBD" with the perfect yoga by donation time.

I'll be teaching Community Yoga by Donation:

November 17th
December 29th

See you there!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sexy Yoga?

The commercialization of yoga has been a topic of debate since it hit mainstream in the west.  With any commercialization, sex will soon follow.  Somehow, someway.  In the September 2010 issue of Yoga Journal, Judith Hanson Lasater wrote a letter to the editor expressing her "sadness" over an Toesox advertisements where nude hard-bodies flex and stretch in yoga poses ... wearing nothing but Toesox of course.

So the debate shifted and flared around the over-sexualization of yoga.  Has the practice become too focused on the body - and how it can shape, mold and optimize it for sexual pleasure? 

Find your Ground on November 9th!

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