Sunday, January 16, 2011

Kids Yoga - Change

Change is in the air.  Kids Yoga at the YMCA exploded last week - nearly tripling our class size to 21 kids.  The energy in the room was amazing and got most of the kids super focused on the task at hand, yoga.  The ages ranged from 3 - 9 years old and (I think) mostly everyone was engaged at some level.

This Tuesday's class we'll celebrate the shift in our class by honoring the "change" and bringing awareness to how it affects our lives.  The theme will be relevant to both new and old students in different ways. The older students may not have felt positive about the expansion of the class, there was less attention provided to each individual student and the class dynamic shifted quickly without warning.  The new students may be encountering yoga for the first time and instantly have a judgment of yoga or of the class (the teacher, the kids, the exercises).

By focusing the class on change upfront, I hope to bring awareness to the concept.  Perhaps the kids will learn throughout the class how to be "non-reactive" to the constant ebb and flow around them.  Perhaps they will learn to notice the sensations that change incites on their bodies and minds - and then learn to let them go.

I'll let you know how it goes!

Sample exercises form the class include:

  • Chanting "Sa - Ta - Na - Ma":
  • Changing our bodies form a seed to a tree
  • Balancing Flower Series in a circle (practicing warrior II with fingers touching, reversing the warrior, triangle to balancing half moon holding hands in a circle!
  • Wheel Pose

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