Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Money is like Energy: Invest in Yoga

Stop the excuses; Commit to your Yoga practice.

Nothing takes the place of practicing yoga with a supportive community and seasoned teachers. For over ten years Eyes of the World has cultivated this community, tucked away in a brick building off North Main, probably the best kept secret in Providence. You may think that committing to such a beautiful yoga studio would be expensive, a luxury well beyond your reach. Think again.

The teachers, and especially studio owner Tom Gillette, are dedicated to bringing yoga to the entire community regardless of income. And if you can afford classes, but only once or twice per week - these opportunities can help you deepen your yoga experience by increasing the frequency of your practice.

What are these options?

  • Community Yoga by Donation: Wednesdays 3:30 PM
  • Rise and Shine: As low as $9.90 / class 
  • Back to Basics Package: only $8 / class (open to beginners as well as seasoned practitioners)
  • And if you can dish out the funds upfront, you can take any class for as low as $13.50 / class
So while the $17 per class drop in price (the going rate for many studios) might make you baulk, if you plan right, you can make yoga classes part of your life. Money is like energy. Consider where the "leaks" are in your money energy. Regular visits to the coffee shop? Lunches out instead of brown bagging it? You can easily find the spare change to build community at a local studio by making simple changes in your spending habits. Try it for a month, perhaps right now? Indeed, now is all you have.

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