Monday, December 5, 2011

Pull up a Chair

It's interesting to note a student's reaction when I offer a prop - be it a chair, a block, a pillow.  Depending on the person looks of confusion, surprise, defeat project onto their face.  It seems that many judge props as "crutches" and those who utilize them as not good enough.  Somehow, the person using a prop is not able to "do the pose right".

On the contrary.  Poses done safely with  props can enhance the experience of a pose, even for a seasoned practitioner.  Our bodies change from moment to moment, even our left side can differ in strength and flexibility from our right.

A Practical Example:
So even if your hands reach the floor in trikonaasana, reach for the block next round.  Place it BEHIND your front foot.  Straighten both legs and engage your thighs and lift your knee caps.  With arms stretched out in "T" position, send your kips back over the back leg and reach out over the front foot, twinkling the fingers.  Only when your "horizon" pose is it it's peak do you let the fingers float to the block.  Gently press down on your block to find added lift in the torso.  Explore the new space and freedom to spin the rib cage around so the sternum can glance at the sky.

For more on Chair Yoga, check out:

Use props to fly in your poses, pull up a chair even, and add lift to your waist while cultivating humility and courage. 

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