Friday, February 17, 2012

Yoga and Mindfulness Coming to Providence Schools


ResilientKids™ offers an innovative yoga and mindfulness curricula that works directly with students in their school setting. This secular program is designed to promote the development of life-long skills, including focus, self-esteem, self-confidence, balance, and community. By building a toolbox of strategies to manage academic, emotional and social challenges, students will learn to successfully navigate their path to becoming engaged adults, global citizens, and our future leaders.

Yoga for Plantar Fasciitis

While researching this topic for a student, I came across two solid articles on the topic.

The first article is classic and solid, focusing on the feet and how to "stretch" the foot.

The second article was more interesting in that it speaks to the whole body, explaining that uttanaasana is great for Plantar Fasciitis considering, for example, the connection between the hamstrings and feet (genius!).

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Family Yoga Class at EYES OF THE WORLD!

I love Eyes of the World.

After having practiced in NYC for over five years, the most anxiety about my move back to Rhode Island was "will I find teachers that match my experience?" ... or would I be doomed to exercise-motivated gym yoga?

And as many of you know, the Greater Providence area is a thriving (and growing) yoga community. And at the heart of it? Tom Gillette's beautiful, simple one-room studio in downtown providence. Sure parking can be a bit hairy (for those of you coming to family yoga, come a little early with quarters or bring some cash for the parking lot right next door), but the teachers and the students are top notch.

Everytime I attend a class; however, there is some stress getting a babysitter, making dinner beforehand or getting that last load of laundry done. While I thoroughly enjoy my alone time (and indeed, I wouldn't replace it), I dreamed of sharing the studio experience with my family.

So Family Yoga is a start. We have one class on the schedule for now - an opportunity to bring out interested families and to get the conversation going, how do we incorporate the tools of yoga into our family life?

From 4-5 PM on Tuesday February 28th we'll roll around our mats, sing songs and balance with our children. Caregivers and friends are welcome! We encourage you to bring as many mats as you can, although some will be at the studio for you to rent.

And drum roll please ... the formal description below:
This lively class is for the whole family introducing everyone to yoga postures, breath work and relaxation in a fun enviornment suitable for any age. While alll ages are welcome, this class is best suited for 2 - 7 year olds with their parent. Eyes students can use their regular class pacakge for you and your child as one admission, includes mat rental. If you are just dropping in, one time $16 online admission covers tuition for you and your child, or $17 at the door. Add an extra child for $5. Babies are free. Bring yoga mats if you have them.

to register, go to February 28th and click "SIGN UP NOW" next to family yoga.

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