Saturday, November 10, 2012

Yoga Book Club Class?!?!

Yes - it's happening.

Yoga Book Club Class is the union of my philosophical addiction with my love of mat practice.  The "Club" part appeals to my desire to connect with like-minded folks and to carry this connection off the mat.  I've experienced yoga classes where people unpack their sweaty selves for years next to complete strangers and never know each other's name.  While some people revel in the anonymity, others like me itch to say "hello!" to everyone in yoga classes.  Internal thought: I mean - if you like yoga, you gotta be cool!

Yoga Book Club Class will not be time for verbal dialogue (although you can always join us for tea afterwards for that).  The class theme, however, will stem from the book and so - when prepared - you will arrive on your mat with a foundation, some perspective.  You'll be free to make deeper connections between the material and your physical experience.

And of course, the best book clubs are ones where you can have just as much fun if you didn't read the book.  Same goes here.

I mean be serious.  How many times have you been to a yoga class and totally missed what the teacher said?  If you came prepared for the journey, you'll have a platform to spring from.  You'll have more opportunity to process your unique class experience and will be more likely to live your yoga off the mat.

Get inspired to read more, move more, meditate more and (perhaps) connect more with people that light you up.

I'll be revealing the location and time for Yoga Book Club Class in December and class will start January 2013.  Until then, carry on and be well.

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