Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Yoga and Pilates Passport 2013

Dear Friends and Family,

I'm so happy to announce the launch of the Yoga and Pilates Passport 2013! Whether you live in Rhode Island or not, your support in making this project come to life is needed .;.. right now. The Holiday Pre-Sale will help my business partner and co-founder Jenn Thomas acquire the capital to take the Passport to the next level! So please consider purchasing one online today, for yourself, for a friend or as an investment in our business (and we'll donate your Passport to someone who can't afford one). And, of course, do spread the word via email or social networks.

What is the Yoga and Pilates Passport?
Personal fitness and mental well-being take real commitment. The Passport philosophy is built on the idea that when we discover teachers that speak to our unique needs as individuals, we can fulfill this commitment with grace and ease. However, the cost in time and money to seek out an inspiring teacher or practice may stand between you and your goals. The Yoga & Pilates Passport opens the door to hundreds of opportunities for a fraction of the cost - $75. And with the holiday discount, that price is reduced by 20%! Use coupon code A1780-12.

In addition to linking individuals with a practice that suits them, the Passport also seeks to support studios by increasing their visibility in the community.

As one of the first purchasers of the Passport, you'll help to launch a project that has the power to change lives. Overall, I'm a more mindful mother, friend and wife because of my practice and the community that supports it. Help others find similar support while supporting the local economy this holiday season.

Thank you for your consideration!

With Gratitude,

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