Monday, May 6, 2013

Best Mother's Day Gift in Rhode Island (that money can buy of course ... )

I’m a Rhody mom of two under three with a third on the way.  Taking care of myself usually comes in last.  I have to coordinate, schedule, and plan diligently to find time to take a yoga class (teaching them doesn’t count I’ve tried explaining to my husband).  

Many of my mamma friends in similar situations also share a concern for the family budget.  It feels almost irresponsible to spend money taking care of themselves, or so they believe.  Perhaps they splurge on a yoga or Pilates class Groupon here or there, but that never amounts to a consistent habit.  And it’s almost bathing suit season!

The RI Yoga and Pilates Passport provides the much needed motivation to find your “thing”, the right teacher and style for you.  And once you find your “thing”, you won’t even need the Passport to motivate, because your “thing” will do it for you.  

Oh, and the cost to find your "thing"?  Well, if you buy a Passport in May we’re talking about $10 per month to try almost every yoga studio in Rhode Island, plus a few amazing Pilates-dedicated locations.  You’d spend that dropping into a few classes.  The icing on the cake, it’s 10% off online through Mother’s Day with coupon code VIRYA13.

How does it work?  When you buy a Passport - only $68 with the discount - you get two free classes at 41 yoga and Pilates locations statewide (BONUS! some studios give you two weeks unlimited classes).  As a mom, once the Passport is in hand, it gives me the freedom to try new things and to find a teacher that I connect with.  Once that happens, most likely I’ll budget for the class once the Passport expires (and that doesn't happen until December 31st).

So go ahead, forward this post to your spouse and remind them that this year forget the flowers and buy you a Passport (and maybe new yoga pants to match?).

Happy Mother's Day!

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