Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Rhody Momtreprenuers Can Have it All

When I was contacted by Kim Kalunian about being part of an article for WPRO on Momtreprenuers, I was flattered.  When I learned who else was interviewed for the article, I was humbled.  The women, mothers, and business owners highlighted in Kalunian's piece have served as inspiration to me even before my current business partner Jenn Thomas convinced me to make a vision become reality.

Local mothers like Roisin McGettigan, founder of Believe I Am, truly seem to "have it all".  Not because everything they do is wildly successful, but rather because the passion and love they invest in each and every moment leads to happiness, a happiness not reliant on success but on authentic relationships and connection.

When with McGettingan, you feel like you're the most important person she could chat with in the world.  No matter if she's in the middle of pitching partnerships to big-name fitness brands or planning her next "Run with Ro" free running group for the PVD Lady Project, when she's with you, she's with you.  Her mindful approach to life directly effects her happiness and her ability to help others connect with that happiness.

If mothers are pressured to "have it all" in a way that compromises their ability to fully participate in their lives moment to moment - be it with friends, family or business - so too their ability to be happy will be compromised.  In addition to paying attention to each moment, literally participating mindfully in our lives, we must also let go of our goals as much as we set them.  If our happiness is directly related to our ability to achieve every goal we set, not only will happiness elude us, but also our ability to learn from our experiences will diminish.

So when you're with your children, play with them.  When you're at work, enjoy the tasks.  When you're with your partner, revel in your love for each other.  When you're with your friends, honor their presence.  We're only on this earth for a blink of an eye, if you spend every moment wishing you were elsewhere, your whole life will pass you by and happiness will not be yours.

So have it all in this moment.  It's all you've got.  

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