Monday, June 24, 2013

RI Yoga and Pilates Passport Receives "Most Athletic" in Providence Monthly's Superlative Issue!

It was a trip to go to the photo shoot, sweaty on a hot summer day, with kids in tow.  Thank you to the Providence Monthly for making being a mom and an entrepreneur that much easier.  They actually offered to let me bring the kids - and short of one of my kids nearly tearing down the back drop - it went off without a hitch.  Indeed, the children received a Haggen Dazs ice cream reward from the Cable Car (where we got to conversationalize in Italian with the lovely Cinzia, or Cynthia Italian style).

And a huge thank you to "Believe I Am" who donated the lovely purple tank for the cause!

Check out the write up.

Most Athletic at five months pregnant baby! :)

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